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House slave burden: advance payment is three months

Blink of an eye by the end of the, many people began to issue year-end bonuses, as fund collection, "house slaves" were also wondering whether prepayment is required. This year, the Central Bank cut rates five times, more than at the beginning of the five-year benchmark interest rates for business loans 6.15%, currently 4.9%, to next January after the interest rate adjustment, cut benefits to take effect, "House slave" monthly payment burden will drop a lot. In the context of interest rates downward, prepayment necessary? Insiders said the early repayment will depend on personal finances and planning, but is in need of attention, early repayment be clear provisions relating to bank loans, to avoid unnecessary losses. From December to January next year the Bank is "get fed" peak in February, the Lunar New Year holiday and want to apply for early repayment early planning often needs to wait a few months, so as not to upset the planned use of funds. Early loan repayment dispute
    case: a few years ago, Liao when handling the mortgage was fortunate to apply to 70 percent interest rate, but in the "rate change" in terms of applications "not prepayment" agreement, or have to pay liquidated damages. Although Mr Liao are dissatisfied with this provision, fearing that if we kept on raising interest rates, will suffer a loss, but in order to enjoy preferential rates, he signed and accepted the terms and conditions.
    reviews of the industry: If Mr Liao has no more home ownership schemes, prepayment not worthwhile, but if he had limited funds and want to buy a new unit, giving back loan forward under such circumstances it is necessary to "there's no early repayment," agreed Mr Liao will bring losses.
    case: Mr Yang also took issue with the banks when the prepayment, apply for early repayment and will be deposited into the Bank after one month in advance, Mr Yang branch go through relevant procedures, resulting from the early repayment request penalty interest for three months. Mr Yang said that under the contract within one year prepayment penalty interest for two months, a year later the penalty interest a month. But the Bank staff to Mr Yang showed signs, provisions of the pasting rows: prepayment penalty interest for three months. Mr Yang insisted that according to the contract, after some dispute, Yang eventually won, a one-month prepayment of interest as a penalty.
    the industry comments: prepayment most end through consultations on the issue will be resolved. This is a contractual compliance issues, articles on the repayment term of the loan contract is signed by both parties, have the force of law, general nature are strictly in accordance with provisions of. If you do have prepayment is, of course, should inform the Bank in advance, the two sides agreed upon by consensus early repayment amount, date, and the default compensation and other related matters, at the consent of the Bank subject to early repayment. This is also reasonable from the perspective of contract, but set of banking services or the terms of the contract can be more human.
    has outstanding loans to home buyers first home treatment
    introduced last year "9ยท30" mortgage deal stipulates that has 1 set of housing and settlement of loans families, to improve living conditions once again apply for a loan to buy the ordinary commodity housing, Executive home suite loan policy of banking institutions. First or second-home mortgage difference greatly, first, not only down payment 30%, mortgage rates may apply to the 90 percent benchmark interest rate, down payment on a second home you will need 70%, 10% mortgage rates may have to rise, under enormous pressure to buy.
    It is understood that prepayment of now again there are plenty of people who want to purchase properties. And more recently a number of banks for loan approval will take at least three months in advance, it upset some customers loaner program.
   , according to centaline property mortgage business Director Hui Han Mo Jing described, banks generally agreed to be within one year of the loan not prepayment, while foreign banks are limited, usually two or three years, if this period to apply for advance payments usually have to pay a penalty and amount of advance payments of around 2%~5%. Provident funds business loans and prepayment provisions almost generally is also an early repayment repayment within one year, and provident fund interest loans enable how to operate the prepayment is also no examples to follow, how to know later.
    low-interest times may wish to take appropriate debt inflation prepayment of
    in the era of low interest rates whether you choose, depends on the individual's needs, experts say, appropriate liabilities are also effective methods of tackling inflation.
    CCB staff recommends the following types of situations not considered prepayment: 1. enjoy preferential interest floating mortgage customers, in particular access to a 70 percent discount on customers. If you select a prepayment, and few may apply for preferential interest rates for loans. 2. use the method of equal repayments and has entered a stage of repayment of the client and the use of equal principal repayment and repayment period 1/4 customers. In the mid and early repayment, more principal repayments, may not be an effective savings in interest payments. 3. There are better investment options can fit on interest payments customers, instead of the repayment of the money to finance and investment.
    most banks within one year prepayment of not
    China Merchants Bank: prepayment of loans of less than one year, charging less than the actual amount of three-month interest rate, prepayment of loans for less than a year later, charging less than the actual amount of interest for a month.
    Bank: loans of less than one year prepayment, 3% payment in advance will be charged. Loan prepayment of one to two years, 2% payment in advance will be charged. Prepayment of loans for two to three years, 1% payment in advance will be charged. Prepayment required more than million prepayment was once a year.
    ABC: prepayment of loans of less than one year, in accordance with the principal amount multiplied by the monthly interest rate is collected, minus repayments monthly interest rate for the loan interest rate is divided by 12 months number of months. Prepayment of loans for less than a year later, as long as no previous repayment record, you do not charge a penalty. If prepayment is taken, a year after the applicant, does not charge for breach of contract.
    Bank: loans of less than one year prepayment, 5% early repayment amount will be charged as penalty. Prepayment of loans for less than a year later, is not charging any penalty. Early loan repayment up to once a year.
    Bank of China: prepayment of loans of less than one year, charging up to six months interest penalty (according to the early repayment of the loan interest rate calculation). Prepayment of loans for less than a year later, you do not charge a penalty.
    Bank: partial prepayment of the minimum can not be less than 6 times of the monthly repayment amount, and 35% of the maximum cannot exceed the monthly payment, partial prepayment may be repayment for free once a year. Full prepayment is required to pay damages for the breach, 1% when the repayment amount will be charged. But the repayment amount is required in accordance with the contract.
    cgb: prepayment of loans of less than one year and two months of interest received as liquidated damages. Prepayment of loans for less than a year later, does not charge any penalty.
    Bank: loans of less than one year prepayment, 3%~6% interest charged as liquidated damages, to follow the implementation of the provisions of the contract. Prepayment of loans for less than a year later, does not charge any penalty.
    Shanghai Pudong Development Bank: loans of less than one year prepayment charge 1.5% or 3% different interest rates, there is no penalty is charged, charging as much as stipulated in the contract. Prepayment of loans for less than a year later, does not charge any penalty.

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