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China Merchants Bank have been denied to the leaning of individual housing loans issued during the year adjustment policy

on September 2, the news that China Merchants Bank has internally issued a confirmed mortgage policy is loosened, and lists the four conditions. This responds to the first financial Bank Head Office (PO) daily, said that there was no such thing.

Although the Bank said no documents in issue adjustment of individual housing loans, but according to the newspaper reporter, at the Head Office of China Merchants Bank personal mortgage business from strategy this year has a certain degree of tilt.

previously, one of the members of the Head Office of China Merchants Bank, told the newspaper reporters, China Merchants Bank plan added about more than tens of billions of individual housing loans this year. Make this adjustment, first, because the Central Bank asked the commercial banks to support first mortgage; the second is from the Bank itself, this year some of the loans, so tilted to the personal mortgage business to offer a balanced.

the source said, China Merchants Bank personal mortgage business contracted in the past mainly because that part of the stock of lending in the retail business percentage is too high, from the point of view of banks ' overall earnings in the loan adjusted the allocation of resources, to higher-priced "two small" business tilt.

"but after a few years of adjustment, and now the whole retail sector business development more balanced loan resources can be released to the individual housing loans. This retail part of the loan is expected to add about in small and micro businesses, credit cards, personal loans of three parts equally. "This person said.

according to network rumors, Bank personal mortgage policy adjustment following, situation a: zhiqian all loan settled (unlimited times), the can by first sets handle, interest rate benchmark; situation II: zhiqian has once loan not settled, the loan by two sets policy, interest rate floating 10%; situation three: zhiqian has two times loan not settled, the loan down payment 60%, interest rate floating 15%; situation four: not has loan records, the enjoy 95 percent interest rate offers, now implementation.

in fact, in May this year, since the Central Bank first "propaganda" loosen the mortgage since the market rumours about the Bank issued the policy adjustments of individual housing loans has continued.

Central Bank May require banks guaranteed real estate financing needs, and actively guide the healthy development of the real estate credit market, to reasonable pricing of individual housing mortgage loans of commercial banks, improve the efficiency of loan origination and approval, no cessation of personal loans.