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CBRC sounded bad to write off three times jinjunhao

"with the exposure to bad loans, commercial banks should speed up the write-off of bad loans, trying to avoid higher provisions and bad coexist, account closure, and parachute. "The CBRC Vice Chairman Wang Zhaoxing said in a signed article published on September 2.

This is top of the CBRC nearly 40 days the third requires commercial banks to speed up the write-off of bad. In mid-July, the CBRC Vice Chairman yan qingmin, Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Shang Fulin has said, banks should speed up the write-off of bad process, increase the intensity of negative verification.

speed up the write-off of bad

earlier, yan said in a signed article published on July 22, banking institutions should further accelerate the write-off of bad loans. First, to take full advantage of bank earnings, good conditions, further increasing the scale and progress of the profits to write off bad loans. Second, take the initiative to actively communicate with financial and tax departments, fight for the write-off of bad loans more flexible ownership and supporting the tax policy. Meanwhile, effective coordination with police, courts and other judicial authorities in a timely manner, enabling the maintenance of financial creditor's rights and the resolution of the legal environment of bad loans. Thirdly, accelerating the pace of bulk, packaging, transfer of nonperforming loans, proactive and asset transfer market buyer communication and coordination, and increase the scale and efficiency of bad loan disposal.

3rd after the first half of July 25, 2014 national banking regulatory and economic analysis meeting, he requested and fully estimate the potential risks of various types of loans, full accrual provisions to increase the intensity of bad debts written off, so should nuclear nuclear.

data showed late in the first half of this year, commercial banks ' bad loans totaled 694.4 billion yuan, representing an increase of 102.3 billion yuan at the end of last year, more than 2013 99.2 billion yuan of bad loans for the year increased scale; bad is 1.08%, increased by 0.08% over the year. Among them, 20 Bank listed on the a-shares and h-shares "contribution" the most.

according to the CBN (micro-blog) daily statistics, first half of 2014, 20 a-shares and h-shares of listed banks bad loans totaling 563.175 billion yuan, compared with late last year, 78.174 billion yuan were added.

Meanwhile, the write-off of bad loans has also been intensified. The first half of the 20 listed banks write off total size is about 71.25 billion yuan, was close to all of 2013 83.5 billion yuan. Semi-annual report from the banks, ICBC, agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank to write off the largest, respectively, 9.356 billion yuan, 12.711 billion yuan, 9.031 billion yuan. China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong development, Ningbo Bank, Bank, Bank, Bank first-half the size of the write-off of bad has surpassed that of the whole of last year.

provisioning coverage ratio decline

in banking bad loans to "double up" at the same time, slide has become a relatively common phenomenon.

by the end of June this year, CCB's provisioning coverage ratio from 268.22% to 248.87% at the end of last year, down nearly 20%; Bank provisioning coverage ratio was 251.29%, down 14.71% from 266% at the end of last year; set aside coverage of China Everbright Bank is 185.49%, 241.02% down 55.53% in the end of last year.

Bank regulatory framework, capital's role is to cover unexpected losses, capital adequacy standard of capital held by banks to cover unexpected losses, and all kinds of assets and off-balance sheet items shall be withdrawn by the Bank expected loss risk of loss reserves to cover.

Wang Zhaoxing believes that if there is insufficient loss reserves, it is necessary to directly offset against capital. Therefore, is closely related to provision of capital, set aside regulatory system is an important part of capital regulatory system, only the strict provision provision calculated capital adequacy ratio is true and reliable.

in the context of diversification of assets, how non-loan assets for risk classification and provision for loss reserves are also regulators focus. Wang Zhaoxing said the next step will accelerate research to develop a non-standard claims the risk classification system and set aside provision for systems to ensure that cover the provisioning and capital system without leaving a blank, safeguard financial security and public confidence.

Wang Zhaoxing of articles also think, in recent years, China Banking of non-standard claims business development quickly, through via peer, and take truth fiscal, and via trust, and via investment, and via delegate loan, way, will original in table within accounting of loan business to table outside business or other non-credit assets, but its eventually borrowing people of risk exposed and no real transfer to bank system yiwai, or just transfer has part.

according to the newspaper to know in 2007, the CBRC issued the guidelines on the classification of loan risks have been specifically requested, to loan the assets of commercial banks, including direct credit substitutes in the off-balance sheet items, based on the actual risk is divided into normal, loss of interest, secondary, suspicious and, and provision for losses.

However, according to Wang Zhaoxing, but in fact, the vast majority of banks were not in accordance with the guidelines on the classification of loan risks call for outside businesses and other non-credit assets risk classification and make provision, this also reflects China's commercial banks compliance awareness and self-regulatory mechanisms are not perfect. In this regard, the banking regulator has suggested that commercial banks according to the "substance over form" principle, strictly according to the actual risks of various non-standard claims businesses make capital and provisions, and to strengthen supervision and penalties.