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Mortgage rates managed illusion that annex behind the discount conditions

with the real estate policy liberalization, "first home loan rates loose" can be heard rumors. On May 12, the Central Bank Conference on housing financial services Symposium to further improve housing financial services 5 comments work (folk call "Central five"), is interpreted as shouting at the policy level in the industry, designed to reduce the commercial bank personal mortgage home loan interest rates.

on September 1, "after 360 financial search platform" (hereinafter referred to as melt 360) released on 23 major cities across the country monitoring reports of nearly 400 banks mortgage rates. Data show that because of a series of initiatives August housing market show signs of loosening of interest rates, the lowest mortgage interest rates return to 85 percent. Worth noting is that while increased interest rate discounts, but behind the accelerated mortgage lending, some banks on customer qualifications, deposits, purchase of financial products, such as stealth requirements increase.

how real?

conditional interest rate restrictions

according to thaw 360 monitoring data show that currently has 10 in 23 major cities city preferential interest rates, preferential margins slightly increased but there are strings attached. Shanghai has the country's 85 percent minimum interest rate discount, Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao 3 reproduce 90 percent interest rate, 6 city prime rate was 94 percent-98 percent, lowest mortgage rates as benchmarks for other cities or higher.

the morning of August 30, reporters arrived at the Beijing East rings outside a nearby office building, caught up with the weekend, showing people in the sales department. The sales lady, now first apply for a business loan, divided into two benchmark interest rates and the base rate rise 5%, a State-owned bank raised down payment to 50% to benchmark interest rates, another State-owned bank required down payment 40%.

"more than US banks, first-home purchases are 30%, at what rate, is talking to customers with Bank. "A high-end real estate property consultant said in Beijing, are generally 6.8775%, benchmark interest rate floating 5% can apply depends on your water, credit, identity, and more.

"but as far as Beijing, ' Yang five ', first home mortgage rates little changed, still floating 5%. "Beijing's Marketing Director, said a local real estate company, and some can enjoy a 90 percent benchmark interest rate, but to accept the Bank's" additional criteria ".

according to press reports, the so-called "conditionality" is different banks for buyer qualification, for example, buyers need to Bank a certain amount of deposit, purchase of bank financing, insurance and other products, or apply for loans through intermediary companies, can enjoy preferential interest rates.

after 360 monitoring report shows that Shanghai Minsheng Bank 85 percent discount, but the conditions are financial assets of more than 5 million customers who may apply. Beijing CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank and 90 percent discount CITIC Bank only partially support the I love my family and link customer and need to purchase the corresponding insurance coverage; China Merchants Bank offers are home buyers loan amount 15% bonds for one year, 90 percent off, 5% deposit loan amount a year, 95 percent off.